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Ceramic ball valve
Industry News 2021-01-31
Ceramic ball valve

Ceramic ball valve:

A. Performance characteristics:

1. All media contact parts are ceramic materials, and their chemical stability and hardness (Rockwell hardness hrc90) are second only to diamond. Therefore, this valve has high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, good heat insulation and small thermal expansion;

2. The ball is manufactured by advanced grinding equipment and technology, with high roundness accuracy and good surface quality. After being grinded with the valve seat, good sealing performance can be obtained by using the self lubricity of Zr02 ceramics;

3. It completely changes the shortcomings of metal hard seal ball valve, such as easy leakage, large torque and non-corrosion resistance of sealing surface;

4. The good wear resistance of ceramics makes the valve durable, high reliability and long service life, which is 2-4 times that of titanium alloy valve and Monel valve;

5. For high hardness granular medium or medium with soft particles but corrosion, this valve has incomparable absolute advantages and is the only valve suitable for this kind of medium at present;

6. The driving modes are: manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic.

B. Applicable working conditions: applicable to high wear or strong corrosive working conditions, steel plant, blast furnace gas dust removal system, power plant desulfurization system, etc.

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